Big data and cloud computing: the power of data is on the cloud

Big Data Ausum Cloud

We’re building a world of data. In just one second, almost 68,000 GB of information move around the internet. 8,000 tweets are sent. And 72,000 searches are made on Google (according to InternetLiveStats). Power is in data, in big data analysis and in the development of business intelligence. Unravelling this power can pose infrastructure challenges and […]

The Microsoft Azure cloud brings us some new features

Ausum Cloud novedades en la nube

Microsoft Azure, the computer giant’s cloud services platform, has started 2019 with some new features. The usability of the platform and some features underwent major updates in January. Here we review Azure’s three major updates so far this year. What is Microsoft Azure? Before going into more detail, it is worth explaining what the Microsoft […]