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The leading solution to protect your cloud infrastructure in minutes

Despite the advantages of cloud infrastructure, data and applications, no architecture is perfect. The more your infrastructure grows, the more vulnerable it becomes and the more bugs you’ll find. Diagnosing and identifying potential security holes is becoming increasingly complex.

Don’t have a cloud security plan?

Problems with performance, authentication, malware or exposure of sensitive data are bound to arise sooner or later. At Ausum Cloud, we have the transformative solution you need to minimize these risks.

orca security

an innovative cloud security solution

Orca Security is the leading innovative cloud security software. With multi-cloud capabilities and easy deployment, it is a comprehensive solution that allows you to scan your entire cloud assets in less than 15 minutes. Its SideScanning™ technology provides a comprehensive overview and full coverage of your entire cloud system. Orca Security currently works with Amazon Web Services (AWS), Azure, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Alibaba Cloud and Oracle Cloud platforms.

Combined with cloud provider APIs, Orca Security collects runtime block storage data from each workload. This allows you to create detailed reports of the current situation so that you can detect new security issues in real time.

Preventive and proactive cloud security

asset inventory, alerts, isolation and much more

In just 3 steps, Orca Security enables the detection and prioritization of threats, vulnerabilities, or configuration flaws. It scans your entire infrastructure in minutes and takes immediate action, understanding your greatest risks and providing solutions to enhance the security of your cloud infrastructure.

You will receive a visual map of your cloud estate that will enable you to directly target your cybersecurity risks, not only for the present but also for the future. You can implement a plan for preventive and proactive protection, addressing current issues and staying ahead of potential new threats. All of this while fully complying with cloud regulations and utilizing intelligent alert management.




Ausum Cloud & Orca Security

the perfect partnership for enhanced cloud security

In partnership with Orca Security, at Ausum Cloud we offer you a cloud security service that combines the power of this innovative solution with our team’s extensive experience. The perfect partnership for boosting your cloud infrastructure performance, minimizing risks and maximizing service performance.

Don’t wait for threats to catch you by surprise!

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