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Transform your company in an efficient and innovative way with total security and support.

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In Ausum Cloud we help you; from the strategic consulting to the design, optimization and
management of infrastructures adapted for the success of your business trip towards the cloud.


Migration planning and strategies to the public cloud.
Cloud Computing: Go/No Go? The decision to move your IT infrastructure to the cloud must be made using purely professional and objective criteria. We can help you to make the decision based on the premises of technical effectiveness and financial efficiency.
Ausum Cloud Adaptación


We design and build robust, scalable and optimized infrastructures for maximum performance.

The possibilities offered by a hyperscalar cloud provider are almost endless.
We design and build robust, scalable and optimized infrastructures for maximum performance.

Ausum Cloud Administración


Infrastructure availability and performance monitoring. DevOps preventive, reactive and evolutionary support 24×7.

We manage the performance of your infrastructure as well as its preventative and on-going maintenance with a flexible and close approach.

Ausum Cloud OPS

Our cloud solutions

Technology is a fundamental asset for your company, which allows you to quickly manage and respond to the needs of your customers. At Ausum Cloud we provide you with the cloud solution that best suit your business strategy.

We design your infrastructure and manage it 24/7 so that you feel “at home”.

We can take care of the organised migration of your infrastructure and we’ll give you your new “turnkey” platform.

Dual focus [technical/financial] ensures the success of the project on both sides.

Ensure availability, scalability and accessibility by hosting it with a hyperscale infrastructure service provider.


We have the experience and knowledge to help you make your IoT project a reality.

Our experience and methodology based around strict monitoring and preventative/on-going maintenance will ensure that it’s “ALWAYS ON”.

We design, implement and monitor your “second line of defence”.

Multi-platform mobility and simplicity in management are the reasons why the “Desktop as a Service” concept has become a worldwide trend.

Manage your cloud infrastructure from just one administration and reporting point, optimising technical and financial resources.

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We want to be the strategic partner and consulting in your business cloud migration, with a firm commitment: Offer you the best quality services based on

We will work based on your real needs, with a specialized team and a support model of maximum proximity.

About us

Ausum Cloud (Altura Cloud S.L.)  started out in 2016 as a project made up of high-level tech and business specialists providing value in specialisation, business adaptation, specificity and closeness.

Our perspective is that public cloud services are an advantage that can be exploited. We want to contribute towards companies becoming more competitive and offering a better service to their customers, focusing on other activities with a more specific value for their business.

Our professional profiles mean that we can help our customers with strategy, adoption, transformation, administration and management of new cloud solutions that come about by applying critical scenarios for the businesses that we work with.

Ángel Casanova

Ángel Casanova Ausum Cloud

Cristian Cifuentes

Cristian Cifuentes Ausum Cloud

José Tobías

José Tobías Ausum Cloud

Jordi Font

Jordi Font Ausum Cloud
August 2022
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Oportunidad de Empleo

Administrador de Sistemas de TI Senior

Si quieres desarrollarte profesionalmente como técnico de sistemas o arquitecto Cloud, te atraen los retos tecnológicos y te defines como una persona proactiva, queremos conocerte.

Buscamos perfiles con experiencia mínima de 5 años gestionando sistemas Windows y/o Linux, soporte nivel 3, y con conocimientos avanzados de:

  • BBDD SQL (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server)
  • BBDD NoSQL (elasticsearch, mongodb)
  • Servidores web (iis, apache, nginx, tomcat)
  • Servidores de aplicaciones (jboss, websphere)

Se valorará muy positivamente aquellos perfiles con experiencia en AWS (EC2, RDS, Cloudformation, Cloudfront, ELB, BeanStalk, ACM, IAM, CloudWatch…) y Azure (VMs, Virtual Networks, Storage Accounts, App Services, Azure SQL, Policies, Monitor, DNS, Gateways…)

En Ausum Cloud queremos captar talento y, lo más importante, retenerlo.

Tendremos un encuentro por TEAMS y te daremos detalles de nuestra metodología, plan de carrera, formación, flexibilidad horaria (posibilidad de 100% remoto)…. Resolveremos las dudas que te puedan surgir, y te expondremos lo que esperamos de ti.

Se valorará muy positivamente certificaciones de fabricante (AWS y Azure).