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Cloud Engineering

Your next project will be a complete success

We design and build your cloud infrastructure

The sheer number of cloud solutions on the market makes it increasingly challenging to launch a new project in the cloud. A lack of experience and know-how, coupled with the lack of specialized staff, problems integrating with legacy systems, implementing security measures and managing costs, are all intimidating factors.

However, business growth and innovation often hinge on designing and building an optimal cloud infrastructure. Cost-effectively scaling your operations, increasing operational efficiency and flexibility, and gaining access to a wide range of cutting-edge tools and services are vital if you want to stay competitive.

Our cloud engineering service is the solution you’re looking for

At Ausum Cloud we offer cloud engineering and architecture services to help you design and build a robust, secure, optimized and scalable cloud platform. With the endless possibilities that the public cloud offers, our architects will work with you side by side to assess your organization’s needs and design the right architecture for your project.

Maximum performance at the lowest cost possible

Needs study

Tell us all about your project idea and we’ll evaluate your processing, storage and connectivity needs.

Design of your cloud architecture

We will design a secure, flexible, cost-effective and self-scalable infrastructure using a dual technical/financial approach.


Our cloud experts will always be available to answer any questions or solve any problems that may arise.

Solution selection:

We partner with the main public cloud providers and can choose the best solutions for you.


We implement your cloud platform and get it up and running with your team, helping you get the most out of your new solution.


We are constantly adapting and working to incorporate improvements, reduce costs and increase performance.

Interested in our cloud engineering services?

Contact us and we’ll help guide you on your new adventure in the cloud.