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IoT Cloud Solutions

We design and implement your smart cloud-based IoT platform

The Internet of Things, also known as simply IoT, connects millions of devices in millions of locations. The endless exchange and collection of data provides the information that companies need to boost efficiency, drive innovation and build smart solutions. But how can we ensure security and connectivity in an IoT project?

The only way is to have a robust and reliable platform that can adapt to change and deliver optimal performance, striking the right balance between the technical and the cost-effective.

IoT Cloud Solutions: build a secure and scalable platform in the public cloud

The benefits and tools that the public cloud offers make it the perfect infrastructure to meet the scalability, storage, connectivity and security needs that the IoT requires. A sound option that will allow you to access cutting-edge technology for turning your project into a reality.

At Ausum Cloud we provide an IoT cloud infrastructure design and implementation service. We have the expertise and experience required to execute your project, whatever your sector. We can handle every phase, from data collection and needs to connectivity, storage and analysis.

We design a flexible infrastructure to accelerate your business agility


we build an infrastructure that fits your needs and scales up as your project grows.

Focus on what’s important

we make sure your cloud-based IoT infrastructure performs optimally through preventive and evolutionary maintenance.


the data in your IoT applications and devices will always be secure.


we integrate your IoT cloud solution with your existing systems.


lower implementation and maintenance costs of your IoT platform in the cloud.


your most critical processes will always be available thanks to our comprehensive monitoring service.