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Cut your cloud costs without sacrificing your operational performance

Mismanaging cloud resources can lead to a series of catastrophes. The viability of your cloud project is jeopardized when cloud costs skyrocket, making it harder to be profitable and to maintain continuity. But reducing the resources you use can also reduce your productivity, while making it difficult for engineering, finance, technology and business teams to collaborate.

How do you solve this complicated situation? Is building an efficient and cost-effective cloud infrastructure possible? How can you ensure speed, quality and cost?

FinOps cloud financial management service: keep costs under control without sacrificing your cloud infrastructure performance

FinOps is a methodology that brings together a two-pronged technical/financial approach to managing cloud infrastructures to maximize the efficiency and use of cloud resources while significantly increasing savings. FINANCE and OPERATIONS play an equal role, favoring the long-term innovation and growth of any project.

Our cloud financial control service puts all our expertise at your disposal to strike this ideal balance. We design a management plan that allows you to reduce costs, maximize the value of your cloud investment and have a comprehensive and real-time overview of your cloud spending.

Empower your team and lower your public cloud spending

The spirit of FinOps is that technical and financial teams work together to create a framework for meeting spending goals and expected performance. At Ausum Cloud we help you design a plan for making data-driven business decisions and automating resource management.

Report, optimize and operate. Get the financial visibility you need, save up to 40% on your cloud spending and drive innovation and continuous improvement.