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Desktop as a Service

we design your virtual desktop infrastructure in the cloud

Having access to all your applications and data from anywhere and on any device is the main goal of DaaS (Desktop as a Service). However, building a robust and secure infrastructure that makes cross-platform mobility and simple management possible is a challenge. The sheer variety of solutions in the public cloud, migration complexity and costs are often the main obstacles.

Which public cloud service is best for my organization? Will my data be secure? Will my employees be able to be productive when they work remotely?

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) infrastructure consulting for a seamless transition to the cloud

Leave all these problems and your traditional desktops behind and say hello to your desktop infrastructure in the cloud. At Ausum Cloud we provide consulting services so you can design and implement a DaaS infrastructure that fits your organization’s needs.

Our public cloud experts will help guide you during your transition from your traditional desktops to a cloud-based DaaS environment. We’ll take a technical and cost-effective approach to building you a performance- and cost-optimized infrastructure to ensure that you have a modern, efficient and easy-to-manage solution.

Experience in migrating traditional desktops to the cloud

Expertise in the most efficient and secure solutions for your enterprise

Lower hardware and software costs

Increased accessibility and productivity for your employees

Support throughout the migration process and maintenance of your DaaS infrastructure

Your business mobility, remote work, security and cost control are assured