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Cloud Web Hosting

Host your website in the cloud. Scale up and guarantee availability in any situation

Ensuring the availability of your website while keeping costs down, even at peak traffic times, can be tricky. And managing and maintaining it, dealing with storage issues, speed, and keeping your data safe, isn’t always an easy task.

What is the best web hosting provider? Will it suit my current and future needs? Will my website always be available?

Choose a cloud web hosting solution and say goodbye to the problems with traditional hosting

At Ausum Cloud we design tailor-made cloud web hosting solutions that adjust to real-time traffic demand, regardless of whether you’ve got a small corporate website or a giant e-commerce platform. Auto-scaling allows you to scale up available resources in seconds, as well as reduce your usage when traffic drops.

Our experience in building cloud infrastructures will help you cut costs while delivering an excellent browsing experience, even during peak demand times like Black Friday and major commercial campaigns.

Cloud web hosting solutions offer a scalable and flexible infrastructure that can be tailored to your project’s specific needs. The public cloud virtualizes physical web servers with excellent results, leveling up your hosting flexibility, scalability and security so that you only pay for the resources you need.

We manage and optimize your cloud web hosting

Once we’ve got your cloud web hosting set up, our experienced team of experts will design a plan to optimize performance and cost, including progressive maintenance that scales with the growth of your website. Constant monitoring will ensure optimal performance, even if you have several hosted websites.

Don’t let the inflexibility of traditional hosting damage your corporate image or limit your growth. Ensure your website’s availability and accessibility by hosting it with a hyperscale infrastructure provider. AUSUM CLOUD is here to help you choose the right solution for your business.