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Cloud Infrastructure Design and Management

We take your company one step closer to technological innovation

Scalability, availability, security and savings: everyone knows the incredible advantages of having an infrastructure in the public cloud. But designing, managing and maintaining a cloud infrastructure efficiently and without skyrocketing costs is a major challenge. Can you meet this challenge without having an expert and dedicated team?

Cost control, security, future scalability, monitoring, performance… You need to consider a full range of factors. And any mistake in decision making can be fatal.

Cloud infrastructure design and management: We guide you on your way to the cloud

Ausum Cloud has tackled this kind of challenge countless times, and we have good news. We’ve always come out on top. With the goal of supporting you and making your journey to the cloud easier, we offer a highly qualified international team to design and manage your cloud infrastructure.

Our team of public cloud experts will work closely with you to understand your needs and design a solution that fits where you want to go with your business and technology. We will make sure that the solution meets your security, scalability, performance and cost requirements, and integrates seamlessly with your existing systems.

Make it a home game: we design your next cloud infrastructure

Custom design of your cloud infrastructure according to your technical and economic needs.

Expert follow-up management to ensure availability and increase performance, while keeping costs in check thanks to our dual technical/financial approach.

24/7 technical support to answer all your team’s questions and guarantee the availability of your infrastructure.

Continuous monitoring to detect and resolve any issues, even before they affect your productivity.

Optimization and review plan to make improvements and scale your infrastructure, adapting it to your changing needs.

Your data is always safe. Contingency plan, backups and disaster recovery. We won’t let bad luck get the better of your operations

Your road to innovation starts today. With our help you can move to the cloud more easily and boost your competitiveness. We support you so that you feel right at home.