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Cloud Governance and Orchestration Service

We manage your cloud platform as if it were a symphony orchestra.

Cloud infrastructure orchestration and governance is a critical issue for any organization that relies on cloud services. Using different service providers, multiple accounts and decentralizing management can lead to visibility, control and cost issues.

How can you be sure that you’re using your resources optimally and that your security policies and procedures are being followed?

Orchestrate your cloud infrastructure from a single administrative and reporting point with our governance services.

Our governance services are designed to help you efficiently and centrally manage and control your cloud infrastructure resources. We help you define and deploy the right set of rules and procedures to control costs, enhance efficiency and eliminate security risks of your public cloud infrastructure, regardless of your provider.

Our expert cloud orchestration teams will help you ensure proper risk assessment and increase risk tolerance, which is absolutely essential when it comes to maintaining optimal operational efficiency.

We will leverage advanced monitoring and management tools to control and audit access to your data and applications, as well as automate administrative tasks. We also deliver real-time reporting and analytics so you can make informed decisions about the use of your cloud resources. This will let you:

Get a 360-degree view of your cloud infrastructure

Improve security and protect your data

Better understand risks and increase tolerance

Simplify resource management

Optimize the costs of your cloud infrastructure

Enable continuous improvement

Ready to optimize your cloud infrastructure? Learn how we can help you achieve efficient cloud governance today!