10 procedures for maintaining IoT security in the cloud

Ausum Cloud seguridad de IoT

The Internet of Things allows you to generate large amounts of data, automate processes and manage operations in a more intelligent way. However, alongside these possibilities come new challenges and threats; Internet of Things (IoT) systems are complex and are composed of multiple elements. They therefore require security systems that are just as structured and […]

IoT cybersecurity: how to protect devices on a cloud-based Internet of Things platform

Ausum Cloud Ciberseguridad

Billions of devices are connected and communicate with each other through the Internet of Things. More and more businesses are experiencing the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its data, but the challenges posed by security, privacy, and regulatory compliance can’t be ignored. Cloud-based IoT cybersecurity starts with guaranteeing the security and the […]

How to structure an Internet of Things platform in the cloud

Ausum Cloud internet de las cosas

The potential of the Internet of Things is a hot topic. Millions of devices that are in communication with one another, intelligent and automatic management of an increasing number of operations, access to huge volumes of data… Connecting things to the internet is bringing many benefits to the world of business.  And, inevitably, they all […]