How to build a chatbot for e-commerce in Azure

Ausum Cloud Chatbot

Ensuring a good shopping experience is key to guaranteeing the success of an online store. More and more customers are demanding a fast, efficient and automated service that allows them to shop hassle-free and at any time of the day. Chatbots help to resolve issues, recommend products, manage orders, schedule deliveries and even offer technical […]

Advantages of having a cloud platform for e-commerce

Ausum Cloud ecommerce

The importance of e-commerce is growing worldwide. In Spain, more than 70% of internet users shop online, according to data from the2018 Annual eCommerce Study from IAB Spain. In total, almost 20 million people trust the security and efficiency of e-commerce platforms to do their shopping. As a result, more and more entrepreneurs are opening their […]

10 procedures for maintaining IoT security in the cloud

Ausum Cloud seguridad de IoT

The Internet of Things allows you to generate large amounts of data, automate processes and manage operations in a more intelligent way. However, alongside these possibilities come new challenges and threats; Internet of Things (IoT) systems are complex and are composed of multiple elements. They therefore require security systems that are just as structured and […]

The risks of not having a backup

Ausum Cloud backup

Increasing numbers of businesses and individuals are recognising the importance of generating regular and automatic backups. The majority of them do it in the knowledge of the economic setback that a loss of files could imply. However, the problems that arise from the loss of data and programmes doesn’t end there, it could go as […]

Public, private or both: what is the hybrid cloud?


Storage, computing power, big data analytics, virtual networks, artificial intelligence… Both computing and cloud computing allow us to access a wealth of online tools and services. Instead of acquiring a specific software and infrastructure, businesses pay solely for what they need, accessing levels of scalability and flexibility that are simply unattainable on a local level. […]

How to attract and retain talent that makes a difference in the tech sector

Ausum Cloud sector tecnológico

Multidisciplinary, versatile, strategic, results-oriented, but especially equipped with tech skills. This is the most demanded worker profile today. Everywhere you look, tech talent heads the lists of most sought-after professionals, both for the current labor market and for all future previsions. Faced with such a competitive panorama, what can a tech company offer to attract […]

IoT cybersecurity: how to protect devices on a cloud-based Internet of Things platform

Ausum Cloud Ciberseguridad

Billions of devices are connected and communicate with each other through the Internet of Things. More and more businesses are experiencing the benefits of the Internet of Things (IoT) and its data, but the challenges posed by security, privacy, and regulatory compliance can’t be ignored. Cloud-based IoT cybersecurity starts with guaranteeing the security and the […]

Big data and cloud computing: the power of data is on the cloud

Big Data Ausum Cloud

We’re building a world of data. In just one second, almost 68,000 GB of information move around the internet. 8,000 tweets are sent. And 72,000 searches are made on Google (according to InternetLiveStats). Power is in data, in big data analysis and in the development of business intelligence. Unravelling this power can pose infrastructure challenges and […]

How to structure an Internet of Things platform in the cloud

Ausum Cloud internet de las cosas

The potential of the Internet of Things is a hot topic. Millions of devices that are in communication with one another, intelligent and automatic management of an increasing number of operations, access to huge volumes of data… Connecting things to the internet is bringing many benefits to the world of business.  And, inevitably, they all […]